Estate Settlement – Helping You Settle Estates, Manage Probate & Administration

Estate settlement is the process of distributing the assets of someone who has died (the decedent) through probate court, administration proceedings, or trust termination, and resolving estate and income tax issues.

Our goal is to help you carry out the desires of the decedent, while guiding you through the inevitable paperwork. We know that settling an estate is a difficult process to face while you are grieving. We are dedicated to helping you carry out this job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you live out of state, but need help settling an estate in our jurisdiction, we will help you understand local probate, administration, trust and tax laws and procedures.

You will receive personal service and counseling.  We respect the fact that your situation is unique.

Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Settlement Services

Estate Settlement – Beginning the Process

The goal of our first meeting is to determine the facts of the estate settlement case:

  • Who died?
  • What steps need to be taken immediately?
  • Did he or she leave a will or trust stating who should benefit from the assets?
  • What assets did the decedent own?
  • What debts did the decedent owe?
  • How were the assets titled and how do they flow?
  • Who are the beneficiaries on retirement plans, life insurance and other assets that pass by beneficiary designation?
  • Will there have to be a probate proceeding?
  • Will administration be necessary?
  • Do estate and/or income taxes have to be paid?
  • Is controversy likely?
  • What steps need to be taken to protect the assets?

Making an Appointment

Please call the office to make an appointment with our estate settlement attorneys. It is helpful if you bring basic information with you:

  • death certificate
  • the will (and/or trust), if there is one (but do not remove the staples!)
  • information about assets and liabilities
  • information about the family

To get started with an estate settlement, please fill out the following documents: