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Helping our clients to understand the importance of proper estate planning and easing their burden when settling an estate. 

Nyack attorney's estate planning and estate settlement goals - Cane Boniface

Estate Planning

At Cane & Boniface PC, our estate planning objective is to:

  • help you take care of yourself and your loved ones,
  • give what you have to whom you want to have it, and
  • save taxes and fees in the process.

Each plan will honor your individuality, encourage creative confrontation of mortality and help you consider how to transfer values as well as wealth.

Where appropriate, our attorneys can help you “do well by doing good” through charitable giving. We aspire to carry out our mission with intelligence and integrity, and in a manner that reflects our personal values in the office and in our community.

Estate Settlement

When settling an estate, Cane & Boniface attorneys will walk you through the process of probate, administration or trust termination and help you carry out the wishes of the deceased. We know this can be a difficult process emotionally and overwhelming at times. We are here to help you with all aspects of the process, whether you live in the area or you live out of state but need help settling an estate in our jusrisdiction.